What's the Difference Between a Boutique Agency and a Big Box Franchise Agency?

What's the Difference between a Boutique Real Estate Agency and a Big Box Franchise Agency?

Like most things, the answer is not clear-cut. There are benefits to both. Franchises have big names with brand recognition and lots and lots of agents. But the beauty of a smaller agency is that the agents are not just anyone with a license but selectively chosen to represent the agency.  Small agencies also tend to have a "niche."

What's a Niche?

A niche is an area of the market specializing in a specific interest and ability. Our Agency based in Lisbon Maine is focused on its community. Haggerty Realty sponsor's local baseball and soccer teams and of course we sponsor the Moxie Festival. Haggerty also donates to local food pantries and is on the board of Positive Change Lisbon.

So what's the benefit?

The benefit is a focused effort to build strong relationships in the community we live in, to provide professional and personalized service, and to handle every client and transaction uniquely. Our agents will work on your real estate transaction expertly from beginning to end and you'll build a strong relationship with your agent due to the continuous one-on-one interactions. You'll also be supporting a locally owned small business. And it's highly likely you'll be working with the broker/owner; Cheryl Haggerty. Do you know the owner of insert franchise name here? Haggerty boasts over 40 years of experience - that's a lot of knowledge!


What's the difference between a big box agency and a

It's often believed that a large franchise can offer more services, access larger data bases and have more connections. The internet is a great equalizer.  We have the same access to the MLS, we are on major home-search  websites, we belong to real estate boards and use social media. And we promptly respond to all inquiries.

Bottom Line

There are good agents in both styles of agencies but if you're looking for a personalized unique experience, an agent that understands the local area with contacts in the local area, than a boutique agency is worth a look. We value your business and hope to maintain the relationship after the sale.


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    How to Buy a House...Step 1

    Housing is Back!

    As 2015 gets underway, all signs point to a very strong year in housing.  Phrases such as “housing is back” and “mortgage rates are low” will be commonplace and our agents at Haggerty Realty will be happily meeting the needs of our buyers and sellers.

    The Golden Ticket

    With that being said, there is one important tool that benefits everyone in the home-buying process, and that is for buyers to get pre-approved for financing.  A pre-approval from a financial institution is like the “golden-ticket,” it tells everyone involved; the buyer agent, selling agent and sellers that you are a ready and serious shopper.

    The One

    At Haggerty Realty we get very excited about our listings, we love to create interest in our properties and to talk with you about them! It may seem we’re reluctant to show you a property when we ask if you are pre-approved, but there are numerous reasons you should want to be pre-approved.  It takes very little time, and the lender can explain different lending products –  you can shop for loans too! They’ll explain interest rates, how much you can spend and what your payments will be.

    Knowledge is power!

    A pre-approval will make you a more attractive buyer too.  What if you fall in love with a house, it’s “the one” but you’re not the only one that’s in love with it? Which offer do you think the seller will consider-the one that has their pre-approval in place. You’ll also be advised of what not to do; like buy a car or quit your job. We work with many lenders and we can certainly help you find one.

    “Just Looking”

    We’ve often met shoppers who are “kicking the tires” or “just want to see what a house looks like for that price” but we have a responsibility to our sellers (who have tidied up their house and gathered up their family to disappear for an hour)that who we walk through is a qualified buyer.

    As the busy housing season gears-up… shop prepared, get your golden ticket and give us a call 207-353-9500. 

    NEXT MONTH: The benefits of hiring a "Boutique" Agency

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      Town Attraction

      Town attraction: Dr. Mike's Madness Cafe! Nice meal right in Lisbon Falls on Main Street! drmikesmikesinterior


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        Town Attraction: The Lisbon Bicycle & Pedestrian Trail!

        Check out this great place for walking, running, dog walking and biking! The trail is currently being expanded to continue along the Androscoggin River. trail


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          New Price

          New Price on this gorgeous 4-5 bedroom home on corner lot! Includes wood flooring, newer roof shingles, newer furnace, replacement windows, vinyl siding, 2 car detached garage, 2 porches, walk-up attic, formal dining room with built-in hutch, double living room with pocket doors and fireplace, mud room and great location! $149,900 Call today to see.





           Lisbon ME Residential Property